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Comment faire disparaître ma chéloïde ?

How do I make my keloid disappear?

The small lump often appears 1 month after the piercing, it is an irritation of the healing canal forming a small pink ball or red.

Comment traiter ma chéloïde ? J'ai une petite boule vers mon piercing.

Its appearance is due to several factors:

- You sleep on the ear that was just pierced

- You put on a ring or earring

- Irritations caused by neglected or poorly cared for jewelry

- Use of unsuitable products that are too strong (Dakin, alcohol, etc.)

- Jewel change too fast still unhealed

Heal Keloid:

Stop irritation by avoiding any friction: do not touch or move the jewel, do not sleep on it. And dry the irritation by applying:

- from the Tea Tree Essential Oil


- a cream type Fucidin Acid prescribed by the doctor once a day


- soothe irritation with a restorative cream poultice at night and rinse well in the morning with saline solution: Cicalfate Avène, Cicaplast La Roche Posay or Aureocyde.

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