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Pourquoi mon piercing ne supporte pas l'anneau ?

Why does my piercing not support the ring?

You have long imagined how pretty a ring would look on your ear or nostril. You wait patiently for it to be well healed, but once the new jewel is installed, BIM! The piercing does not support it! And a bump grows! The shape of the jewel can affect a piercing differently:

The ring exerts pressure on the two edges of the piercing tunnel, which often leads to inflammation and therefore the appearance of an unsightly bump.

To help healing, apart from the care to be performed (article link treating my keloid), you can put on a straight barbell or labret jewel. But if you are really determined to wear a ring you can try to put a jewel of a larger diameter, to prevent it from pulling on the piercing.

We hope you find this article useful and that you can finally enjoy your beautiful piece of jewelry!

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