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Comment piercing et santé mentale peuvent être liés ?

How can piercing and mental health be linked?

We are often asked if piercing has an effect on acupuncture points, if certain piercings relieve migraines or even anxiety and depression… But there is no evidence that it works, and we prefer not to sell to our customers a piercing act as a health solution.

However, getting a new piercing can be very useful! In particular to help you build your self-confidence or get through an important moment in life.

Piercing is a form of self-expression, it doesn't matter what piercing you would like to achieve, what matters is that you have decided to do something for yourself! This may be even more important if you are of an anxious nature.

Indeed, the process of getting a new piercing gives you a positive experience: you wanted a piercing, you made an appointment, you went to the date and went to the end of your

project despite the fear! Congratulations, you can be proud of yourself, you were brave, less sensitive than you thought, a real Audacieuse!!!

Comment piercing et santé mentale peuvent être liés ?

We love the fact that piercings can be so much more than just a hole in our skin: they can be the result of going beyond your limits for some, a way of accepting one's complexes by highlighting a part of our body, or even marking our skin with an important moment in our life!

Many of our clients tell us the reason that led them to come see us: to celebrate the end of their studies, to free themselves from their parents at the age of majority or from an ex-boyfriend (e) friend, show off your ears following hair loss due to an illness, come with a friend to mark the occasion together...

It's seeing you leave with a smile and proud of you for having taken the plunge that our job takes on its full meaning!

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