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8 choses à ne pas faire pour une cicatrisation optimale de votre piercing !

Contraindications for good healing

1. Not touching his unhealed piercing, this is the cause #1 infections and inflammations.

2. For two months following the piercing: no swimming pool, sauna, hamam or beach

3. Do not remove the piercing during the first two months of healing.

4. Avoid aspirin and other anticoagulants (also large amounts of alcohol) during the first 15 days of healing.

5. We do not recommend preparing saline solution at home as it is neither sterile nor safe.

6. Also when getting a new piercing be sure to stay away from essential oils, many people ask us if they can use tea tree oil as a cleaning method, but that's a big NO. Essential oils are very harsh on an open wound and will irritate it. Tea tree oil can be used for these puncture bumps, but only when the wound has fully healed.

7. If you use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your piercing, it kills good and bad bacteria, preventing healing, and can even create inflammation.

Stress can affect the healing of your piercing

Psychological stress can increase your healing time. Indeed, when you are stressed your body produces the stress hormone called cortisol. cortisol interferes with activities important to wound healing, which significantly slows down the process.

It can therefore be very beneficial for your overall physical and mental health to develop a strategy to reduce your stress: breathing, meditation or yoga! Lowering your resting heart rate and slowing your stream of thoughts causes the release of cortisol to stop, bringing better balance and overall health to your body. With consistent practices to reduce stress, you can be sure it won't delay the healing of your piercing.

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